NEAR delivers innovative in-ground outdoor loudspeakers

near-igIf you have some additional dough to spare because of a windfall due to an inheritance, or you are a high flyer at work, how about dressing up your home’s gardens with some high end speakers? I am referring to NEAR with their innovative in-ground outdoor loudspeaker solutions which are suitable for luxury residential installations. The design of these NEAR products place a clear emphasis on security, long-lasting appearance and outstanding sound quality, helping charm just about every listener on the deck, patio, garden or watercraft.

Ask any upscale builders, home automation integrators and homeowners, and they ought to agree with you that there are benefits when it comes to installing purpose-designed music systems outdoors, and these tend to be located around patios and pools, in gardens and on decks so that outdoor activities are enhanced, not to mention making it easier to entertain family and friends. Typical installations speakers tend to be mounted under eaves or in other visible and vulnerable locations, but with the brand new NEAR IG series speakers, these can be partially buried in the ground, so that homeowners get to enjoy better sound performance, lower visibility and greater security.

The NEAR IG models happen to arrive in “omni-directional” designs, where these are able to radiate sound evenly in a 360-degree pattern, delivering a far more uniform coverage and better sound quality regardless of where the listener is. Normal outdoor speakers radiate sound in one direction most of the time, so this means listeners positioned near one speaker cannot hear the other channel. Apart from that, guests who are seated on one side of the patio might only hear the backup singers, and vice versa for folks on the other side as they pick up only what the lead vocalist is dishing out. NEAR’s omni-directional IG speakers solves such a conundrum, letting everyone hear a true stereo image and all the music on a recording.

Three IG full-range models are on sale, ($1,238/pair to $1,718/pair) with an optional in-ground 12″ in-ground subwoofer that goes for $1,599.

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