Squirrel Thwarting Bird Feeder lets you earn brownie points

squirrel-thwarting-bird-feederSo you are a kind soul, and just about everyone knows that. After all, it was you who saved the kitten who was mewing away on the tree for hours, because it has not yet developed the motor skills and confidence to come down. Having said that, you did notice that there are squirrels and birds in the neighborhood, and you would like to feed them from time to time. However, the nuts that you leave out for birds might be snapped up by squirrels, so something needs to be done to separate the two. Enter the $99.95 Squirrel Thwarting Bird Feeder to save the day.

The Squirrel Thwarting Bird Feeder happens to be truly unique from other bird feeders, where it can automatically close its seed ports whenever a squirrel triggers its patented weight-sensitive perch. Simple yet effective, the feeder’s adjustable spring mechanism is capable of shutting off access to all six seed ports, so that squirrels will be thwarted in their quest to reach the seed, although the likes of finches, chickadees, and other lightweight songbirds will not find themselves go hungry. After all, there are dedicated squirrel feeder solutions out there, so you might as well get one of those in order to give the birds a chance to feed their growing families.

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