Runbell will add “bling and ring to your run”



If you’ve ever tried to go on a run in an urban area, you know how hard it can be to go through a crowd of people on the sidewalk. On a bike, you can ring a bell or yell a warning, but it feels a bit more awkward when you’re not zipping past. If there was a more courteous method of warning someone on a shared walkway, what do you think it would look like?

While the Runbell looks like half a set of brass knuckles, it’s actually a bell and striker on top of two joined rings. This will give you one solid tone that will be loud enough for anyone to hear you within your immediate area. Bells are so commonly associated with bikes that people will often quickly snap to attention or move out of the way immediately.

These were made to be too large, and come with inserts so that the rings will fit more snugly. Seeing that most of us don’t run with our fingers spread wide, you shouldn’t have to worry about these flying out of your hand, but it would be far less obnoxious than having it bump around as you run. Should you want to use this in the winter, take out the inserts, and wear it over top of your gloves. This was specifically made out of brass for the sound it produces. If this seems like a more comfortable method of approaching running on busy sidewalks, then it will cost you $25. This is currently on pre-order as it just recently hit a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Available for purchase on shoplocket

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