Rugged All Weather Radio lets you rough it out

rugged-all-weather-radioWhen it comes to consumer electronics, most of the time these devices happen to be pretty wimpy when faced against the elements. Of course, there are some devices out there that will be able to champion the cause for a rugged device like the Xplore XC6 tablet, but those are far and few in between. Having said that, if you love spending time with your favorite radio station instead of receiving visual input, then you would fall in love with the $169.95 Rugged All Weather Radio.

As its name suggests, the Rugged All Weather Radio is certainly one particular tough cookie. This all-weather AM/FM radio was specially built with rugged construction that resists water, dust, and shock, hence making it ideal for the beach, pool, picnic, jobsite, or campsite. Sporting a roll cage that will help offer protection of its switches, knobs, this 7-watt full-range speaker will remain up and running even when knocked over. It relies on the Japan Industrial Standards-4 rating to resist splashing water and dust, while a digital PLL tuner delivers superior FM reception with dynamic bass compensation for rich bass tones. There will be 10 station presets, dual alarms with snooze, and an adjustable sleep timer. In addition, there is also an auxiliary port for connecting an iPhone or Android smartphone alongside a headphones jack. When not plugged into AC power, it will run off half a dozen D batteries.