The Kuhn Rikon Smart Lid will keep your pots and pans from making a mess

Kuhn Rikon Smart Lid

If you make a home-cooked meal, you know there is a lot to pay attention to. Everything has specific heat and amounts of time to be set at. Regardless of how prepared you think you are, boiling over, grease splatter, and other types of overflow are going to happen. The only thing to keep the mess at bay is to use lids, but if you’re not careful, even that could leave you with sauce, soup, or a variety of other foods on top of your stove.

If you often get overwhelmed with cooking and wish that you had a little more help in the kitchen, then you might like the Kuhn Rikon Smart Lid. This has a dual-function auto-release valve that will close to keep moisture in, or open to let steam out. It has a stepped silicone gasket that will form a tight seal over pans that are 9-11 inches in diameter. The flower-shaped knob on top will allow you to grab the lid without burning yourself, which is certainly not the case for most glass and metal coverings.

There is a tempered glass center, so even when the lid is sealed you can make sure your food is cooking the way you want it to. This is available in red or black, and will cost you around $30. While it is dishwasher safe, it’s best to keep this on the top rack just in case. If you have a gas stove, never leave this lid on unattended and be sure that the flames don’t reach the lid. While it does a lot of the work on it’s own, you still don’t want it to catch on fire.

Available for purchase on surlatable, found via thegreenhead