The Wobble Stool will let you stay active while sitting

Wobble Stool

If you work a desk job, your legs start to get tired and you become restless as the day drags on. Humans weren’t meant to be completely sedentary for so many hours at a time, so it’s no wonder that many people don’t enjoy working in a cubicle. If you can’t stand sitting in a regular office chair, then you might want to try something that will make you sit in an active way.

That may sound like an oxymoron, but the Wobble Stool is a perfect example of such a concept. While there was a lot of hubbub about using as exercise ball instead of a regular chair, there are times where you will want something with a bit more firmness to it. This stool will tilt and move naturally with you at home, work, or wherever you decide to plop this down. It has a somewhat rounded triangular-shaped saddle seat, and can swivel 360-degrees. There are three buttons under the seat that will all adjust the stool’s height, which you can change to anything in between 23-33 inches.

The top is heavily cushioned, and the base has rubber footing so you won’t have to worry about sliding around. You can choose from a red, black, or blue seat, priced at $200. While this is more inclined for standing desks, you can also use it for shorter ones. However, not having a back to the seat would be awfully annoying.

Available for purchase on uncagedergonomics