eXact iDip smartphone-connected digital water tester

exact-idipFor those of us who happen to hail from first world countries, whenever we visit a third world country, there are some hygiene issues to be concerned with, especially when it comes to drinking water. Well, it is always a whole lot safer to rely on bottled water whenever you are in a foreign country, since spending a little bit more on drinking water during your holidays might help save you a whole lot more in doctor’s bills, especially when you need to be hospitalized. How about having a water tester of sorts? This is where the eXact iDip comes in handy, being a smartphone-connected digital water tester.

The eXact iDip hails from the folks over at FilterWater.com, which is a company that has managed to build up their reputation for providing highly accurate water testing and filtration products, and they also happen to be a member of the Water Quality Association, picking up the “Water Store” nickname along the way. The latest eXact iDip will be in line with such a reputation, where it is capable of delivering accurate results, in addition to innovative functionality.

The eXact iDip will go beyond the traditional boundaries of conventional water testers, in addition to previous digital water tester technology through the pairing of industry-leading technology with smartphone connectivity longside a free app. This free app is made available to iPhone users only at the moment, since an Android app is being developed at the moment.

The eXact iDip functions as a photometer which will be able to communicate directly with the eXact iDip app. All that is required would be a few drops of water in order for the testing process to kick off. The moment water has been added to the iDip (it can be from a pool, or drinking water, etc.), data will be sent to the app. Water test strips are then inserted directly into the iDip device, where all the relevant information will be communicated to the smartphone app. All data will be stashed on the smartphone, in addition to the test date and time for later access.

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