Equalizer Case For iPhone 5 lets you groove out in style

equalizer-case-iphone5Getting an iPhone is not exactly a big deal, but if you happen to own a next generation iPhone, then it is a big deal simply because it has not been released to the market just yet. However, for the many of us out there who happen to own the iPhone 5, then you would most certainly already own a phone case. However, there is no argument against picking up another iPhone case, and the $14.99 Equalizer Case is certainly worth checking out.

Playing nice with the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 5s, where it will sport a glowing display right at the very back which will be able to react to any ambient sound or music. After all, the iPhone is an ideal tool to carry your music with you, being a portable media player that works as well as the old school iPod (some say better). It will not draw any juice from your iPhone, since it relies on a pair of cell batteries in order to light up, where it will then react to music or sounds around. More noise will see more bars on the equalizer appear in the same vein as that of a spectrum analyzer. Of course, at that price point, the lights themselves do not react to specific frequencies, but that is one secret that you can keep to yourself.