Adobe Ink and Slide makes sketching and drawing on your tablet easier


adobe ink and slide

If you are an artist, you know that one of the biggest elements you’re taught when first learning how to hold a pen or paintbrush is control. You can’t set about drawing a perfect circle on your first go. However, once you do have some mastery over your tools, you start to notice the quality of what you’re working with.

If you prefer to work digitally, then you know how important it is to have a stylus that can do what you want it to. You can’t try to make thin perfect lines if all you have is a marker-sized stylus with a tip the size of your pinkie nail. Adobe is known for helping creative minds make the images in their head into a reality. The Ink & Slide is a stylus pen and digital ruler that will allow you to sketch or draw more naturally and fluidly.

The digital ruler will help you to get a straight edge on your tablet, which is a welcome relief, seeing that a regular ruler doesn’t always work out the way we want it to on a glass surface. There are a few stipulations with using this device though, as you’ll want to be connected to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and their draw or sketch apps to use this to its fullest potential. The only devices this is compatible with are the iPad (4th generation): iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina display. This is a $200 venture, which is perfect for Adobe lovers who are already immersed in software that will play well with this, but not so well for someone who its just starting out.

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