1,400 F Searing Grill is perfect for summer cookouts


searing-grillThere is nothing quite like enjoying a lovely meal in the cool of the evening with family and friends in the middle of summer, since good company makes mediocre food taste great. Of course, it also helps if the food were to go with the right kind of drinks. Once done, you will be able to pull out the Grill Cleaning Robot to get the grill all cleaned up so that the whole group of you will be able to sit down and chit chat all the way into the night. Of course, let us backtrack a little bit – grilling is quite the healthy cooking option, so why not explore the $399.95 1,400 F Searing Grill?

The 1,400 F Searing Grill will be different from the typical grills which are capable of reaching just 550° F, so we are talking about a grill that gets the job done better and faster. This outdoor broiler which can hit the 1,400° F mark is able to cook meat which will sport a restaurant-worthy sear. The infrared heating elements within can generate 21,000 BTUs alongside honeycomb-shaped ceramic plates on the interior, resulting in high radiant heat to produce a flavor-enhancing, crisp brown char on grilled food. Cooks will be able to enjoy optimal control of exterior browning and levels of doneness, and the 1,400 F Searing Grill is large enough to hold up to half a dozen NY strip steaks.

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