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There are certainly quite a few things to worry about when you’re expecting a child. Of course you’re constantly thinking about the health of your unborn baby, but let’s be honest, you can’t help but think about the things that are happening to you too! As if worrying about no longer being able to see your feet isn’t enough, what about your heartburn, and the dreaded belly-button eruption?

While this next item can’t help with your giant belly, or expanding feet, you can at least rest easy when it comes to the dreaded belly button bulge. When used properly, the Popper Stopper by Miss Oops, will prevent your midsection from being plagued with an umbilical protrusion that not only looks funny, but can also rub against your clothing, causing a very unpleasant redness and irritation.

Like a giant Band-Aid, you simply remove the backing, and center the non-adhesive strip vertically against your belly button, press the adhesive top half of the Popper Stopper against the skin above your belly button and then pull the tape down firmly over the offending “popper” and adhere the bottom of the Popper Stopper below it. Unlike a bandage, this latex-free and medically approved solution, will properly hold down even the most vivacious belly button, preventing you from chafing, and feeling self conscious in the latest maternity-wear.

So if you’re a mom-to-be that refuses to acknowledge that pregnancy is probably NOT going to be the most fashionable, and photogenic period in your life, grab the 13 bucks and get yourself some Popper Stoppers from amazon.com, and don’t worry about your feet, you’ll see them soon enough!

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