The Headbones use your skull to amplify sound



How often do you think about the way sound bounces off of its surroundings? Unless you’re really interested in the science of sound, probably not that often. While you may not understand it, you can tell when your music is coming out of a pair of high quality headphones rather than a $10 pair.

If you wear ear buds, you know you hear your music crisply because no other sound can get in. That’s great news for being immersed in your favorite song, but bad news bears if you can’t hear your surroundings and are injured because of it. The Headbones will use the conductive abilities of the bones in your skull to pump up your jams without blocking out the outside world. These sit on your temporal bone, just in front of the ear to maximize your sensory experience. Of course, if you do want to block out everything but what you’re listening to, you can put in the included earphones.

This will allow you to take hands-free calls, as it has a microphone built in just under the driver on the right hand side. Seeing that these aren’t directly inside of your ear, you could use these while taking a call with a separate phone, as you won’t have anything directly blocking your ear canal. There won’t be as much sound coming out of these directly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the person on the other side being able to hear anything. These are charged via MicroUSB, and should last for 12 days on standby time, or 10 hours with constant playback. You can get your own pair for around $110. Of course, there are other pairs on the market for cheaper that aren’t a crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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