The Cozy Room will give you a quiet place to escape to at home


Cozy Room

When we come home at the end of the day, we need to unwind for a while. Reading a book, playing video games, or listening to music is often how most people take a break. However, some need a secluded space to go, especially if they live in a busy city area or with roommates. You can’t exactly shut out all of the world around you on your own.

If you enjoy playing PC games and need a space to call your own, then you’re going to love the Cozy Room. This looks like a massive cabinet, but is actually a private office space. It has shelves, cabinets, a space for your monitor, tower, speakers, and much more. The chair is tall enough that you’d have to stand to match its height (depending on how tall you are). It is on a set of wheels, so once you sit you can slide forward, and close yourself off from anything outside of your Cozy Room.

This is somewhat cramped for those who don’t like enclosed spaces, so make sure you’re okay with getting a little close and personal with your stuff before dropping $7,830 on this. There is an internal LED light for the desk and collection rack so you won’t be sitting in a dark room. Cable management was thought of, as well as vents, as anyone who sits in this thing is probably going to want to be able to breathe.

Available for purchase on kagu-cozy


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