Build-On Brick Mug now comes in a shade of blue


blue-brick-mugThe Build-On Brick Mug has been spotted in the past, but that arrived in a boring shade of gray which is not exactly the most cheerful of colors to spruce things up, don’t you think so? Having said that, here is the $19.99 Build-On Brick Mug that now arrives in the color blue, and it is not one shade that intends to make you feel the blues, but rather, to add a bit more spice to the entire drinking experience. This is a ThinkGeek exclusive, where it will play nice with most of the other construction bricks out there including the likes of LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O or K’NEX Bricks.

You will be able to decorate or dress up the Build-On Brick Mug in any way you like with your collection of building bricks, but do make sure that your creation does not end up being an eyesore, and more importantly, stop you from actually using this as a mug simply because it has been dotted with all sorts of pretty useless add-ons. Do take note that this particular mug is made out of BPA-free plastic, and it is far from being dishwasher or microwave safe.

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