oPhone gets oSnap scent-based mobile messaging platform

ophoneWhen it comes to our five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, which one do you value the most? It is one particular question that is difficult to answer, especially if we were to give up even one of them. Technology has advanced to such a point now where it is getting more and more common to incorporate different kinds of ways to engage our different senses with consumer electronics devices, such as scent-emitting LCD displays and video game peripherals. oSnap is one such advancement, being a delivery system for scents.

The oSnap app intends to transform message delivery by enabling iOS users to tag different photos with more than 300,000 scents to choose from. Vapor Communications is the company behind the launch of oSnap, where the scent-tagged images that are known as oNotes are able to be electronically sent and received via email, Facebook, and Twitter in select hotspots which happen to have the oPhone. Needless to say, the oPhone happens to be the hardware required in order to emit the scent.

oSnap is now available as a free download in the Apple App store, where users will gain the ability to snap a photograph and tag any object in the photograph with scent compositions. In order to concoct your very own scent, you can do so in a scrolling window which presents up to 32 unique scents. Users will then make a pick from one to eight, which results in more than 300,000 combinations. From there, you can name the scent-tagged image and send it electronically to friends.

When you have received the oNote, you can then tap the oNote icon before being sent to onotes.com, where you will be able to check out the image as well as associated scents. Should you happen to own an iPhone in Bluetooth proximity to an oPhone, you can also download the aromatic message and smell the scents. The first commercial oPhones will be available for delivery in early 2015, where it will cost $149 thanks to a 25% discount on ultimate sale price.

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