Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse melts the day’s stress away


heel-toe-masseuseIf you happen to be standing on your feet the whole day at work, then I am quite sure you will be able to appreciate a nice and warm foot bath or a foot massage at the end of it all. Of course, not all of us do have the budget to make sure our feet get a nice massage, and so, what are some of the other options out there? Perhaps the next best thing to human hands and experience would be to rely on machines. Machines will not tire out, and neither will they strike up a conversation with you when all you want is some peace and quiet. Enter the $249.95 Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse, where this particular device will merge deep tissue shiatsu, compression, and heat to deliver an invigorating foot massage which is touted to rival those given by a professional masseuse.

All that you need to do is to tuck your feet into the respective soft cloth-lined pockets and be involved in a vigorous 15-minute session. Forget about lesser vibration massagers that provide meek, superficial treatment, this particular bad boy has half a dozen slowly rotating nodes that focus deep, penetrating shiatsu massage along the entire length of the soles, while there are another two more nodes that will target tension on either side of the heel. Apart from that, the foot wells inflate and deflate, hence delivering compression massage which kneads out tension on the top of the foot at the same time varying the pressure of the nodes. Don’t forget to get a little something for the eyes, too!

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