The Super 8 to Digital Video Converter keeps memories alive


Super 8 digital video converter

Every now and then, the way that we record our memories changes. We used to use various kinds of film for photos and video, and now everything has gone digital. Of course, not all of the pictures and home movies we have stored in a box collecting dust in the attic will work for the format of the present.

If you have Super 8 film lying around, first of all, congratulations, because that’s a step further back from video tapes. Should you want to convert those memories to something you can show everyone without losing any of its original look, then you’ll want a device like the Super 8 to Digital Video Converter. It will accept a roll of film like a projector, and each frame will be illuminated by a white LED that will capture 1920x1080p resolution via a linear array color CMOS sensor.

This is not a quick conversion, so make sure you don’t start this process unless you have some free time to kill. It doesn’t necessarily need you to watch it as it will work on its own, but should anything go wrong you won’t want to be too far off. This frame-by-frame process will produce an AVI video format file to be stored on a Mac or PC (Windows 7, 8, Vista, or XP) through the included USB cable. Editing software is included, and it will hopefully be pretty decent as you would be paying $1,800 for the whole kit and kaboodle.

Available for purchase on Hammacher


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