The Anti-Cheating Ring, Say’s “I’m Married” for You



We’ve all heard the saying boys will be boys, and if that translates into their ability to slip off a wedding ring during their post-golf awards banquet and hit on the waitress, well, I’m for any and all deterrents… preferably one that causes immense and instantaneous bodily harm.

Unfortunately, all we have here, is a small layer of extra protection in the form of a ring. The Anti-Cheating Ring. Made of titanium,  this simply styled ring has negative engraving on the inside of the band that, when your significant other slips it off, it leaves the word’s “I’m Married” indented in their skin. Interesting concept, assuming of course that the object of your beloved’s desires is one of honest repute.

I want to believe that nothing says I love and trust you, like an Anti-Cheating Ring, so if you feel as though this could add that subtle something special to your upcoming nuptials, you can have one for just 550 bucks, from Personally I think a branding iron, or shock collar may be better methods, or just marrying the right person, yup, there’s that too…

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Henri Says: June 20, 2014 at 10:02 pm

Yeah, because we all know, only men cheat

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