With the Moog Theremini Professional Theremin, the music is moved by you!

Moog Theremini Theremin

Different genres of music are viewed very differently from person to person. Someone who is deeply enthralled with something like classical might find dubstep to be an atrocity. Regardless of opinion, it does take some measure of skill to put together music that is worth listening to. While Skrillex isn’t on the same level as Bach, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t put time into his work.

This kind of opinion is also held with electronic instruments (an instrument is an instrument), but the truth still remains that if you want anything to sound good, you have to practice. The Theremin was created in 1928, and is one of the the first electronic instruments. The originals had two metal antenna, which sense the position of the musicians hands, thus controlling the oscillators for frequency with one hand, and volume with the other.

Thanks to advances in technology, instruments like this have improved greatly, and thus the Moog Theremini Professional Theremin was born. As a first for any Theremin, this has variable pitch correction. You can literally adjust how difficult this thing is to play. There’s a built-in tuner to help you learn pitch and scales, 32 wave-table presets, an LCD screen, two 1/4″ audio outputs, adjustable stereo ping-pong delay, a user selected range per preset, and much more. This will cost you around $300, but it’s the perfect way to really feel your music when playing. It may not be an instrument for everyone, but it’s certainly a big improvement among others we’ve seen in the past.

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