The iGlowSound Speaker – breathe in, rock out


iGlowSound Speaker

Music affects us all in different ways, and the exterior factors that surround how we listen to our tunes can have an impact on our reaction to it. Being alone in a dark room and listening to metal has a widely different feeling than listening to folk in the same setting. For some, music is good and well on its own, but they don’t always want to focus only on the sound.

Pulsing lights in combination with the right music can create a relaxed setting, party vibe, or help you get through a workout routine. The iGlowSound Speaker can do all of this, by having 6 compartmentalized orbs that will dance and groove to the beat. There are 3 light modes, including a nightlight, pulse, and breathe mode. Of course, you can also turn off the lights completely if you would prefer only sound.

This speaker will work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack, and is fairly straightforward in usage. There is a dedicated button for the lights as well as controls for the volume. You can choose a black, blue, pink, red, or white-bodied speaker with black speakers. While this would give a neat effect when used in tandem with your playlist, it is a bit outrageously priced at $79.99. The pulsing light aspect is enticing, and it will keep your phone charged thanks to a built-in USB port, but the quality of the speakers aren’t addressed, and it isn’t wireless.

Available for purchase on isound