Sceptre shows off their latest LED HDTVs that work well in small spaces

spectre-ultimate-hdtvSceptre, a company that does deal with affordable TV sets in the past without breaking the bank, is back again in action with their latest offering. Of course, it will be nowhere near the size of those behemoths that you see hail from the likes of Samsung and LG, delivering screen sizes that are larger than 70” in size (while biting a sizeable chunk from your bank account to boot, I might add), as Sceptre’s latest entry would measure a mere 24” in size. Just like how we ought not to judge a book by its cover, let us not overlook this 24” LED HDTV just because of its size.

With the world’s population exploding all over the place, not to mention most folks migrating to cities in search for a “better life” so to speak, it goes without saying that cities are a whole lot more congested than the countryside. This would also mean that living spaces are smaller and more compact, especially in land starved territories such as Hong Kong and Singapore, where most buildings are built in a vertical manner. This means maximizing the amount of space in a relatively small area, and so the Sceptre 24” LED HDTV would find itself right at home (pardon the pun).

This 24” LED HDTV happens to be an all-in-one unit that boasts of a built-in DVD player, where it has been specially designed to deliver a touch of color and outstanding graphics into the most compact spaces. Designed with convenience as its top priority, Sceptre’s latest 24” Color Series does away with the need for a separate DVD player – helping you save space in the progress, not to mention freeing up a spot on the power outlet extension while helping you save space from unsightly cables.

The asking price for Sceptre’s latest 24” Color Series LED HDTV stands at $399.99, which does seem to be worth every penny if you’re living in a shoebox apartment. It might have been nicer to see it arrive with a Blu-ray player instead to keep up with the times though.

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