Satechi RideMate Headlight and Taillight helps you ride safer


Satechi-RideMate-Tail-LightSatechi, a company that rolls out cool accessories from time to time, is back again, this time round catering to those who happen to pick cycling as their preferred mode of transport when it comes to getting around. Having said that, not all countries or places that you go happen to be bicycle friendly, but regardless of the laws of the land, we as cyclists will have to do all that we can in order to protect ourselves – and that means using the right equipment as well as adhering to road rules as far as it is possible to do so. Tools such as the Satechi RideMate Headlight and Taillight will definitely come in handy as it not only illuminates the road for cyclists, it also helps to keep them safe by alerting motorists of their presence.

Do not fret or worry should the weather start to act up, since these plug and play lights happen to be easily removable and doing so does not damage bicycles’ handlebars. In addition, the 500 lumen Satechi RideMate Headlight will also be able to double up as a USB charger and as a flashlight whenever it does not remain mounted on the bicycle.

Users will find the 2500mAh of power to be extremely useful, where the RideMate Headlight can then charge up power hungry smartphones and other USB devices, making sure that you will be able to continue the rest of your journey with your favorite tunes in tow. Of course, it pays to make sure that you do not make the mistake of using the Satechi RideMate Headlight and Taillight as a portable power bank primarily, since that is just its secondary function.

Boasting of bright LED lights which will do their bit in improving visibility while cycling, three brightness modes are available, in addition to a flash mode that can draw attention to the cyclist in the event of an emergency, while side illumination ports to add extra peripheral visibility. The RideMate Headlight can be picked up for $59.99 a pop, while those who are interested in the RideMate Taillight can do so for $29.99.

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