10 Foot High Jumping Stilts lets you pull off some zany stunts

jumping-stiltsIt would not be surprising at all if there are some of us out there who grew up wishing that we would end up as an astronaut, being able to perform extraordinary leaps while we are on the surface of the moon, thanks to the far less confining gravity there. However, only a select few end up as astronauts, and for the rest of us here on earth, high jumps are not exactly the most interesting sport to get involved in. If only there was some sort of item or device that could help us defy the law of gravity, at least for a moment. The $499.95 10 Foot High Jumping Stilts might just fit the bill perfectly.

The 10 Foot High Jumping Stilts is touted to be the lightest and most advanced jumping stilts around, where users who wear it will be launched up to a cool 10 feet up in the air. The brainchild of German aerospace engineer Alexander Böck, these jumping stilts were seen at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and still retain their sense of wonder even six years down the road. Such futuristic stilts will be strapped onto each leg, where the wearer will be elevated 20″ off the ground. Thanks to the carbon-fiber leaf springs, those are capable of storing and returning the energy applied to them in the same manner as individual pogo sticks, sending the wearer to heights of 8-10 feet alongside running speeds of up to 20 mph. It would be prudent to practice on the landing though.