Polk Striker headset debuts at E3 2014

polk-strikerThe recently concluded E3 2014 has seen its fair share of hardware devices revealed to the masses, where different video game developers as well as hardware manufacturers proudly show off their wares, including prototypes and the ilk. Polk, a high-performance audio brand that has the pedigree of more than four decades of sound, engineering and design expertise, continues to wow the crowds with the debut of the Striker headset at E3 2014. The Striker is said to have been specially designed for next-gen gaming platforms, helping raise the bar (by how many notches, I am not sure) when it comes to gaming headsets as gamers get to enjoy audiophile-grade sound performance in a well-constructed, affordable and attractive design.

Mark Suskind, vice president of user experience at Polk, shared, “With the Striker, our goal is to fill a void in the gaming headset market by offering an affordable headphone option that delivers dynamic sound during all aspects of a game―whether it’s dialogue between characters or an intense action sequence. As we continue to make significant investments in gaming, all of our supporting innovations will be designed to enhance and expand the rich, multifaceted audio elements within games played on any console.”

The spanking new Striker headset will be able to deliver high quality audio which will transport listeners into a world that is much deeper in their games, music and movies, all without having to break the bank, so to speak. It not only boasts of a sleek design, it is also stylish and comfortable, accompanied by a lightweight, cushioned headband and plush, pivoting ear cups that is known as the ProFit Comfort system, resulting in a more enjoyable fit. Those who get their gaming fix on the Xbox One, the Striker will come packaged alongside a wireless adapter that has been developed exclusively by Polk, delivering improved sound and chat performance. This wireless adapter will be plugged straight into the Xbox One controller, where it then connects wirelessly to the Xbox One console so that users have complete control of chat and volume at their fingertips.

Expect the Polk Striker to retail for $89 a pop, where it arrives in black, grey/blue and white/orange colors this early October.

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