One2Touch reveals NFC mobile game controller prototype

one2touchNFC technology does complement Bluetooth connectivity, and devices which come with both options are definitely worth checking out since they do deliver variety when it comes to hooking up with certain devices. One2Touch has taken to E3 2014 to deliver a prototype of what they call is the world’s first NFC mobile game controller. This NFC mobile game controller is extremely responsive, does not need any battery and is instantly pairable, being adapted to fit around NFC-equipped smartphones so that it can deliver precise tactile control and button feel for those who love gaming on the go.

There is also word of a pro model and a casual gamer model that are in the works, which is good news. Using One2Touch’s proprietary power-harvesting technology, it results in a completely battery-less experience. Originally developed for the company’s portable NFC keyboards last year, the power harvesting technology would enable the controller to draw an extremely low amount of power from the smartphone, which means it will never run flat, never require a battery change, and has a negligible impact on the smartphone battery life. There is no word on pricing or availability, so stay tuned!

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