The Super RetroTRIO is a 3-in-1 console that will let you revisit games of yore


Super RetroTRIO

Games we grew up on hold a special place in our hearts, and always bring a smile to our faces when we reminisce about them with friends. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to pull out our old consoles and kick ourselves in the teeth with a little nostalgia.  The only problem being your console from yesteryear might have broken after years of dust buildup, or it might not compatible with the TV that you currently have. If you want to play all of your old games, but don’t have a setup that will play nicely, then you’re going to want a new way of doing things.

The Super RetroTRIO will let you use NES, SNES, and GENESIS game cartridges at will. Not only will you get to relive some of your fondest memories, but you won’t have to clutter up your living room with a bunch of consoles, cables, and controllers (which is perfect for those that like to keep things as minimalistic as possible). There are 3 cartridge slots and 6 controller ports which will work with original or third party controllers.

It comes with 2 controllers, an AV cable, S-Video connection, and an AC adapter. The color combination is black and red for the console and controllers, and will cost you around $70. This would’ve cost thousands back in the day, but seems like a pretty fair price if you’re just wanting to revisit some old memories.

Available for purchase on innexinc

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patrick watson Says: June 11, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Hi Patrick Watson from Watson’s house where can o buy this game from?

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