Shower Filter System gives you cleaner water during shower time


shower-filter-systemJust how clean is your water at home? Sure, it does have its fair share of chemicals as part of the mix in order to get rid of bacteria and other kinds of harmful substances, but don’t you feel that clean and pure mountain water is a whole lot more refreshing to bathe in than the water from our pipes? Chlorine might get rid of bacteria, but it also does its fair share of work by stripping your hair of its natural oils while leaving your skin dry. With the $69.99 BPA-free Shower Filter System, it will do its job to remove harmful synthetic chemicals as well as more than 90% of chlorine from your shower water.

The end result? You would feel as though your skin is a whole lot softer after each shower, not to mention having shinier hair. Apart from that, chances are, you will be able to see a better level of performance in your bath products and hair treatments, which means you would end up using less of it with each bath time. This would also indirectly help you to save more in the long run, pretty neat, eh? The Shower Filter System sports multiple massage spray settings as well as an easy installation procedure, where all that you need to do is to unscrew the existing shower head and replacing it with the Shower Filter System. Each filter ought to last for approximately 6 months, or around 10,000 gallons thereabouts.

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