The Roccat SOVA will help you own the couch


Seeing that the couch is always the comfiest place to sit, it’s no wonder we want to game from there more often. If you’ve ever tried to play PC games while sitting on your couch though, you know how awkward the setup is. You have your keyboard balanced on your lap, and your mouse on top of a book, the armrest, or a magazine. Reacting to anything in the game means your mouse is likely going to fall off and wedge itself between the cushions.

If you wished you could have a more comfortable setup while sitting on your couch, then the Sova might be able to assist you. This is a modular, wireless keyboard and mousepad combination that will give you unhindered access to the gaming tools you need. In essence, this will give you the same stability as sitting at a table, while also giving you the ability to lounge. This is constructed of an aluminum base, Cherry MX switches, ROCCAT’s per-key illumination, a long-life battery pack, and an adjustable mousepad.

There’s a cable channel for your mouse or any other peripherals you may want to hook in, and padded leg rests so it doesn’t cut into you after hours of gaming. You can also integrate other gadgets to make your gaming session go even longer. The price has yet to be announced, but will likely surface in the coming weeks.

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