Reshape introduces TVPRO for the living room

tvproIs there a way for the masses to get in shape in the middle of the living room? I suppose the answer would be a resounding “Yes!” if you happen to have a naturally high drive for getting things done, and are downright disciplined in your exercise regime. However, some of us might need a little bit more coaxing than others, and hitting the gym would be a good idea since gym buddies do play a role to encourage you to keep fit. Reshape, an innovative online video training company, intends to help folks in the battle of the bulge by hooking them up with top health and wellness professionals live via the TV, calling this device the TVPRO.

The TVPRO happens to be a new state-of-the-art device which is touted to be able to transform just about any TV into a Beyond Smart TV, complete with a 1080p HD webcam. This is an intelligent interactive media player that will offer similar intuitive features that one can experience on the computer and smartphone, although this time around, it would be on your large screen TV, right smack in the middle of your living room where you would be most comfortable with.

The TVPRO is the brainchild of Reshape founders Sam Haginas and Beau Haginas, where both of them happen to be former athletes and entrepreneurs in technology and digital media. The TVPRO was specially created for the Reshape Platform, where it functions as a means to deliver a personalized and interactive training experience to your home, right there and then on the TV.

The TVPRO will run on a quad-core processor, is accompanied by a Full 1080p HD webcam, has Android 4.4 KitKat as the operating system of choice, and delivers access to the Google Play store to boot. It is right now a Kickstarter project, where the TVPRO can be pre-ordered for $139 for the first 500 backers.

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