Mama’s Womb Sound Memory Recorder lets you create memories right from the very beginning


mama-womb-recorderThere is nothing quite like being on the journey to motherhood, is there? It all begins in an act of love, culminating in pain (for those who can deliver naturally), but it is well worth every single drop of sweat. In fact, it is an experience quite unlike any other, and in this age of selfies and Instagram, why not make sure that you would have documented everything right from the get go? Enter the $191 Mama’s Womb Sound Memory Recorder, which is a unique sound diary diary device for pregnant mothers.

The Mama’s Womb Sound Memory Recorder comes across specially recommended by Dr. Toshiyuki Shiomi, who happens to be an expert on infant care, touting that it will record the sounds of your unborn child in the womb. With a collection of this “sound diary”, you will be able to document the sound of your baby as well as what they happen to hear in their vicinity, resulting in a valuable record of the entire experience. It works in 30 second recording sessions, and playing back previous recordings to your newborn would be able to to calm them down whenever they experience the foreign feelings of being upset or stressed. Apart from that, there are six types of womb melodies alongside a speaker that has a slot for your little one’s photos.

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