HackedPack v1.0 puts a hammock in your backpack


HackedPack Hammock BackPack

When you’re camping in the great outdoors, one very important element of trekking the wilds is getting a good night of sleep. No one wants to wake up with a crick in their neck or muscles that are too sore to trudge onward. While carrying an entire blowup mattress is far too cumbersome, a hammock would be a great 2nd runner up.

Of course, no one wants to take up that much room in their backpack. However, the HackedPack v1.0 will already have room for one, as it was designed to be both a backpack and a hammock. It can fit two games of RISK or three laptops and all the necessary cables that would also be necessary. The hammock can be deployed in seconds, and can securely support 275 pounds.

It has all the normal functions of a hiking backpack with plenty of pockets, and it weighs 3.8 pounds. This was a Kickstarter project, and as it is version 1, they’re likely going to make an updated version in the future. If you think this pack is perfect the way it is, then it will cost you around $150, and you’ll want to move quickly, as they only made a limited run of these. Just imagine sitting in a forest, taking in all the sounds of birds, bugs, and little critters traipsing about while you sit in a nest of your own hanging between two trees. That is either paradise or hell, but it’s up to the person.

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Nick Says: August 20, 2014 at 2:18 pm


This is Nick, Co-Founder of HackedPack. We just want to reach out to everyone and let you know that we we are launching a new Kickstarter ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hackedpack/hackedpack-hammock-backpack-v11-and-swift-messenger-bag) for our new and improved Hammock-Backpack v.1.1 and the brand new HackedPack Swift, a messenger style hammock-bag. So if you missed your chance to get in on the first HackedPack Kickstarter, now is your opportunity. We also have some great early bird specials available.

Happy Hammocking,

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