Caller Announcing Large View Telephone is suitable for seniors


caller-announcing-telephoneI know that some senior citizens out there do have perfect eyesight right to the end of their golden years, but then again, those happen to be more of an exception rather than the rule. After all, it is a given that our bodies tend to deteriorate in time, due to the natural law of aging, and as we age, we would need to wear a pair of spectacles in order to help us see. Phones these days might have larger displays, but their font could still be difficult to read. What about home phones? Well, perhaps the $169.95 Caller Announcing Large View Telephone might be able to help grandpa out here.

The Caller Announcing Large View Telephone happens to be a modern day version of the humble landline phone, where it will be able to announce the name of each caller, giving you a good idea on who is calling right from the get go even if you do not have your spectacles on. Apart from the clear, loud human-like voice used in the announcement, the ringer can be turned up to 100 decibels, while alerting you of incoming calls via flashing LEDs. The earpiece itself can be amplified to deliver a boost to incoming sounds by up to 53 decibels, while its oversized, backlit numbers are easy to identify. It runs on a quartet of AA batteries to ensure that all phone capabilities remain intact in the event of a power outage.

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