The – finally, you can press the big red button for the powers of good!

We were always informed in movies and shows that we’re not supposed to press the big red button. Things will blow up, disintegrate, release airlocks, and a variety of other dreadful results. What if once, just once, you could not only have your very own big red button to press, but everything it did could have positive results?

The on its own is not very exciting. You press it, and it will let the Internet know it has been pressed. However, once you connect it to the cloud servers, it can do just about anything you could imagine. Kids just getting home from school? Have your little one press the button, and a text will pop up on your phone saying, “I’m home” or “Defeated math again, please feed me cookies”. “Using a simple wizard, you can harness the power of various Internet technologies, such as HTTP, RSS, IFTTT, SmartThings, Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS messaging. And we’re building more choices all the time.”

You can choose to either connect the through mobile data, or WiFi. You can only choose between a red or a green button, but both will give you instant feedback if everything is working correctly. It will flash green if your commands went through, yellow to signify ‘wait’, and red if there’s an error. It can last a year on on four AA batteries, and it will let you know if it’s going to lose power soon. This was meant for inside use, so your creativity of what it can do will have to be confined to the indoors.

Available for pre-order on, found via redferret