WheeMe Stress-Relief Robot helps melt your stress away

wheemeThe world moves at such a fast pace these days, it can get rather challenging throughout the work week so much so that you need to find a quiet place and moment for yourself in order to wind down so that you do not end up dying younger than your age. Some folks take up a form of exercise in order to get rid of stress, while others prefer to go for a long holiday each summer. How about managing daily amounts of stress? This is where the $69.99 WheeMe Stress-Relief Robot comes in handy, where it has been touted to be the world’s first stress-relief and relaxation robot.

The WheeMe Stress-Relief Robot comes in the form factor of a palm, and has been specially programmed for relaxation. It will be able to gently massage and caress your body as it rolls all over the place, sporting a trio of settings for vibration, gentle pressure or light tickling. The sensors are able to automatically navigate your body without falling off, where it has an attachable “finger tip” that will gently spin and skim over tired muscles. You can now kick back your shoes, lie down and relax by letting the WheeMe Stress-Relief Robot roam all over your body.