Cheers! To Drinkable Sunscreen?



There is nothing I like better than the feel of the warm sun on my face, and the hint of a golden glow that a nice suntan imparts.  What I am not particularly fond of is a raging sunburn, or worse, skin cancer. That being said, it happens. I’m never as diligent with the sunscreen as I should be… Its messy, the sand sticks to it, and it makes me break out, but, its better than the alternative.

That is until now, check out the world’s first drinkable sunscreen. Yup. You heard it right, Harmonized H2O is making a product they are calling a UV neutralizer, and it carries some pretty fantastic claims. Ingesting this remarkable liquid is supposed to Neutralize UV radiation and allow for increased sun exposure ( a whopping 30x more than you could normally tolerate) and, this miracle in a bottle can also enhance the tanning effects of the sun.

Okay so let me get this straight, I just have to sip about 2ml of Harmonized H2O an hour before, and around every 4 hours thereafter, while I’m basking in the sun, playing sports, or working in the garden, and I won’t need to apply any messy, sticky sunblocks or lotions in order to protect myself from the damaging rays of the sun? Gah!

So, whats the deal? We do know that some degree of sun protection can come from the inside, say, from certain foods or nutrients, but this product claims to work via vibrational waves that isolate frequencies that can block the suns burning rays. Oh, I get it… wait! Huh? Of course there are many skeptics, along with hoards of believers. So would you spend 30 dollars to have the perfect no-burn Summer? If you would, head on over to You go first! and then let us know, okay?

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