Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow aids you in your sleep

memory-foam-sound-therapy-pillowGetting an adequate amount of sleep is highly important when it comes to functioning at your optimal level the next day. In fact, studies have shown that having a short and restful afternoon nap too, can do wonders for those who feel lethargic after a particularly heavy lunch. Having said that, there are some of us out there who find it difficult to nod off no matter how much energy we have expended earlier in the day, and we have just about come to the end of our wits’. If only there is a remedy out there that you have yet to give it a go. Is there hope out there? Perhaps, assuming you have not given the $99.99 Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow a go just yet.

This queen size Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow is touted to help you relax and fall asleep through two ways. Firstly, it is made of high-tech memory foam to cradle and support your head, neck and shoulders for unsurpassed comfort. Apart from that, there is also a self-contained MP3 player and speaker that is touted to offer “Binaural Beats” meditation tones so that your mind is eased, while the amount of stress is reduced. Not only that, you can hook it up to a computer through USB, while uploading your own favorite MP3 tunes. A one-button operation, optional 30-minute shutoff timer, headphone jack and a soft, washable 100% cotton cover happen to be the ideal combination that makes its internal wiring virtually undetectable.