Beer Glass Froster makes your guests feel like they’re at a pub

beer-glass-frosterThere is nothing quite like knocking back a few of your favorite drinks with the rest of your mates after a particularly difficult day at work, and you can choose to do so at your favorite local watering hole, or if you have done up your home nicely, invite your mates over for a few rounds. Of course, to make sure that the authentic pub experience is carried over as much as possible, extensive renovation works will need to be done, but if there is one cardinal sin that you should not overlook, it would be making sure that the bee glasses in your home remain nice and frosted – always. Enter the $399.95 Beer Glass Froster, where this particular device is able to save the day by frosting a beer glass in just 10 seconds.

Yes sir, this particular unit will hook up to a CO2 tank or cylinder (which is not part of the purchase), where its spout will then emit a frosty cloud which will convert a typical, room temperature beer glass into an ice-cold mug in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the unit’s wide spout, the CO2 is able to completely cover a rocks glass for a margarita or a beer stein. The froster can be mounted to a bar or countertop thanks to the included clamp, although you might want to make sure that there is a minimum 2″ overhang before you indulge in a little bit of DIY in your pad. There is also a blue LED light that will help cast a festive glow onto the glass as it is frosted, and this LED light is powered by a trio of AA batteries.