Kenu White Airframe smartphone car mount


Kenu-White-AirframeJust about everyone and their grandfather carries around a smartphone these days, as smartphones have grown to be indispensable tools of the trade as well as communication. Need to find out something? Google it on your handset. How about checking out food reviews for a particular place? No problem, your smartphone would most probably have an app that gives you an overview on how many people have given their thumbs up already. Well, when you drive, placing your smartphone in a place where it is easily accessible and viewable can be quite tricky since all cars are created differently, but with the Kenu White Airframe, things are a whole lot easier.

Known as the world’s most portable smartphone car mount, the Kenu White Airframe is able to make GPS directions, streaming music and hands-free calls a snap, as it also does away with the fumbling of searches and other unsafe behaviors. Boasting of a clean and simple design, the Kenu White Airframe tips the scales at under an ounce, paving the way for maximum portability. Apart from that it can attach easily to any air vent to make sure that smartphones remain in sight at eye level in order not to end up as a distraction for the driver. You can pick up the Kenu White Airframe for $24.95 a pop, where a black option is also available.

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