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tvproHave you heard of Reshape before? If you haven’t, well, here is an opportunity for you to check them out – they happen to be an innovative online video training company that will hook up people with top health and wellness professionals live via TV, and this time around they have introduced a new state-of-the-art device which is able to transform any kind of TV into a Beyond Smart TV alongside a 1080p HD webcam, all thanks to the presence of the TVPRO.

Just what is the TVPRO exactly, you ask? Well, TVPRO happens to be the first intelligent interactive media player that was specially designed to offer the same kind of intuitive features that one experiences on the computer and smartphone right to any TV. It was specially developed by the founders of Reshape Sam Haginas and Beau Haginas, who happen to be former athletes themselves and are currently entrepreneurs in technology and digital media. The creation of TVPRO for the Reshape Platform was meant to be a way to bring a personalized and interactive training experience to your home, live through the TV set.

Beau Haginas said, “When we came up with the concept for Reshape, we wanted the entire platform to be utilized through the TV, because having a live interaction with someone on a small tablet or phone really doesn’t have that live feel. We quickly realized that there was not an efficient solution that was capable of bringing live video communications to the TV. TVPRO truly makes any TV Beyond Smart with live HD video conferencing and an open Android platform providing full web browsing and limitless entertainment options.”

The TVPRO is no slouch either when it comes to performance, as it boasts of a quad-core processor and full 1080p HD webcam, running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean that would mean you can have just about all of the latest content from the Google Play store. It will also be accompanied by a dual-sided, full QWERTY keyboard air mouse remote so that you can control your TV in the same way as that of your computer. TVPRO would allow users to Skype with family, to hangout with their friends or Reshape with professionals, all in the comfort of your living room. The asking price? $169 on Kickstarter, with the first 500 backers to receive a discount at $139, shipping included.

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