Immersive Audiophile Pod maximizes your music enjoyment


audiophile-podSome of us are pretty happy listening to our favorite music right from a generic pair of headphones itself, while others would prefer to have a high quality pair with a name that can be trusted, such as Beats or perhaps Klipsch. Having said that, if you have (plenty of) money to burn, then you might want to seriously consider the $32,000 Immersive Audiophile Pod.

The Immersive Audiophile Pod happens to be an acoustically optimized pod which creates an immersive audio experience that can be heard as well as felt, where this particular pod comes with five different speakers that have been built into the ceiling that boasts of separate tweeters, midrange drivers, and a central subwoofer, resulting in the creation of frequencies down to 16Hz. Such would be sounds humans are unable to hear, but they can feel through the vibrations that are transmitted by a structure-borne membrane within the backrest. You can equate it to sitting within a 3 1/4′-diameter speaker, as the pod will then resonate crisp sound regardless of the volume level while keeping out background noise.

There is also a specially developed six-channel amplifier that has an integrated digital signal processor which will enable independent regulation of the high- and mid-range speakers and subwoofer, so that precise customization of sound is achieved. Each purchase comes with a 16GB iPad that will rest within a swiveling anodized aluminum mount so that you can enjoy your favorite content from the Internet or your personal music library, whereas the integrated RCA ports would pave the way for one to hook up to an external audio source. Specially handcrafted in Cologne, Germany, the pod oozes with luxury thanks to an aniline-dyed leather exterior, plush microfiber upholstery, and a stainless steel base which rotates the pod up to 350°. By far and large a worthy addition to anyone who wants to spruce up their living room with something artistic.

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