LED Word Clock tells you the time sans numbers


led-word-clockForget about using digits to tell the time, you might want to jump aboard the new and refreshing method of doing so with the $79.99 LED Word Clock. This is one particular timepiece that you might be interested in getting for your home, as it ditches the conventional wisdom of using an analog clock face or digital typefaces to inform you of the current time, relying on good old fashioned words instead. Sure, it is going to take a wee bit longer to decipher just what the existing time is, but there really isn’t any way to place a price on style, is there?

The LED Word Clock, as its name suggests, displays the time as text. Setting it up is a snap, and not only that, it is also extremely easy to read, and is way more fun to have at home as well as at the office. Forget about the standard issue pair of hands or a digital display, the LED Word Clock will rely on bright white LED light to let you know whether it is time for work or otherwise. Take for instance, the time being 10:55, the LED clock will then blurt out, “It is five minutes to eleven.” That is pretty neat, don’t you think so? It will need to remain connected to a power outlet at a nearby wall though, since it does not run on battery power.

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