The Noisehush Bluetooth Earmuffs will be the plushiest headphones you’ll ever wear



When we choose a pair of headphones, we want something that can be used for an extended period without getting a headache. During the colder months, we need something that can go beneath all of our layers, but can be removed easily enough if someone starts talking to us, or we need to listen to exterior sounds. Normally this is not such an easy task, as the cables are run underneath everything or tucked into a hat.

Instead of removing your headphones and having to lose some of your heat to put them back in or on, it might be better to use a pair that were made to keep you warm. The Noisehush Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones with Mic will keep you toasty, looking stylish, and will allow you to listen to music or take calls on a whim. Not having to fiddle with cables is always a plus, especially when it’s chillier than you’d like outside.

This is made of 100% wool and genuine suede, and has 27mm neodymium drivers that will give you crisp audio. The control buttons are on the top of the headband, which will make it very easy to change the volume, answer a call, record a voice memo, and more. It charges via USB and can play music for up to 8 hours or provide 10 hours of talk time on one charge. This is more of a Fall/Winter purchase, but it does cost around $90, so maybe it’s something to save up for?

Available for purchase on noisehush, found via redferret

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