Desktop Tornado offers something different in the calm of the office


desktop-tornadoIf you think that your work desk is too boring, and having one of those kinetic sculptures is just too old school for you to keep up with the times, then perhaps you should look elsewhere, like this $299.95 Desktop Tornado for instance. This particular device will be able to create a swirling vortex of air on a desktop, thanks to its built-in atomizer that is capable of transforming water into a cloud of mist as a fan in the base will create the updraft. Half a dozen circulation manifolds will then generate convergence and rotation, resulting in a rapidly spinning vertical column of air, which is more or less the hallmark of any tornado.

Users are then able to change the direction of the air circulating manifolds, in addition to adjusting the speed of the updraft fan, or perhaps even adjust the intake fan on top in order to alter the funnel speed of the tornado. In the included instruction manual, one will be able to take part in seven different experiments which offer easy-to-follow directions for assembling the unit in a matter of just 10 minutes. Battery power is not ideal for a device like the Desktop Tornado, which is why you will have to plug it into an AC outlet to have it work.

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