Allview X2 Soul is slimmest smartphone in Europe


allview-x2-soulSo, you happen to be the only one remaining in your family who has yet to make the jump over to the smartphone universe? Well, considering the myriad of choices that are available to the masses at this point in time, we do not blame you. There are way too many hardware manufacturers out there with a slew of devices, that you would be spoilt for choice. Samsung has their waterproof line in their latest flagship with the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active, while the upcoming LG G3 is a charmer in all aspects. Nokia is flying the Windows Phone flag really high with their advancements in camera technology, while HTC is starting to gain consumer trust again with their HTC One M8. Folks in Europe, if none of the above fit the bill because you are in the market for the slimmest smartphone in Europe, then you would not be able to go wrong with the Allview X2 Soul.

The Allview X2 Soul happens to be from Romania, with Allview being the top smartphone and tablet brand in that part of Europe. Measuring a mere 5.55 mm in terms of thickness, the Allview X2 Soul would definitely take its place at the top classification of the thinnest phones in the world, bar none.

The Allwinner X2 Soul sports both sides that come with a thin layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and it ought to be able to last you the distance considering Allwinner has done as much as it can to squeeze in a decent 2,300 mAH battery which is touted to deliver up to 10 hours of talk time.

Apart from that, other hardware specifications include an octa-core processor, 16GB of internal memory, 2GB RAM, a 5” Full HD Super Amoled display, and a couple of cameras – one 13MP shooter at the back with a front-facing 5MP camera. You have black or white shades to choose from, with the Allwinner X2 Soul arriving at a winning price tag of 333 Euros, unlocked.

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