e-pill CADEX Platinum offers a fashionable medical alert device for the ladies

cadex-alertWhen it comes to the world of wearable tech, I am quite sure that most of us would be more familiar with the likes of Google Glass than anything else. After all, this is the pair of smart glasses that lets you record video while you are on the move, in addition to pulling up data right there and then by speaking to it without having to have to deal with a virtual keyboard or otherwise. Are there other kinds of wearable tech out there which would also be worth wearing? This is what the e-pill CADEX Platinum is all about, where this medical alert bracelet oozes with fashionable intent right from the first glance, making life-saving practicality having never looked so good before.

Stefan Solvell President and Manager of Boston based e-pill Medication Reminders, said, “The device has the ability to speak for the patient when they cannot speak for themselves in case of an emergency. This watch is a modern medical alert bracelet that combines practicality with style.”

This particularly easy-to-use medication reminder is a snap to make use of home, work, or while you are traveling, as it can be worn casually or if you so desire, to more formal events without making it look out of place as a regular timepiece. Just in the event that there happens to be an emergency, the e-pill CADEX Platinum watch will be able to stash critical health information which is able to help out medical personnel identify the patient, figure out the kind of medications they take, their allergies or conditions, and other relevant information.

This wearable will visibly communicate both conditions and critical information on the watch face. A Rolex or Tag Heuer might be a whole lot more precious in terms of monetary value at first, but when you compare that to one’s life? It is indispensable. Expect the e-pill CADEX Platinum watch to retail for $110 a pop right now during the promotional period before the price hits $150 later.

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