BikeToWork is a line of reflective everyday wear for cyclists


Betabrand BiketoWork

Riding to work on your bike makes for a refreshing morning. You can be grumpy if you try, but it gets your blood pumping, and by the time you arrive at your destination, you’re ready to face whatever challenges may come your way. On the other hand, riding home in the evenings is always a bit terrifying. Cars can hardly see you, and never seem to expect bicycles to be on the road.

If you don’t want to become part of the statistic of bikers who are hit at night, you likely want to have reflective gear or lights on your backpack, clothing, or attached on your bike. If you happen to forget any of these pieces of gear at home, it could quickly become a life or death situation if a driver doesn’t see you well enough in the dark. If you’d like to know you have some visibility, there’s a line of clothing from Betabrand that will make you stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s called BikeToWork, and it’s a variety of “regular clothes” that have a highly reflective aspect to them. Regular cycling attire doesn’t normally accommodate a work setting, so this will hopefully bridge the gap. There’s everything from shorts and dresses to button down shirts and blazers. They all have 3M retroreflective yarn woven into the fabric, so it will be pretty hard for some aspect of your outfit not to be seen. Seeing that this fits such a specific market and is aimed at professionals, you’ll want to prepare yourself for prices such as $118 for a single shirt.

Available for purchase on Betabrand, found via OhGizmo

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