R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard lets the whole world know your Star Wars affiliation


r2-d2-infrared-keyboardInfrared keyboards are nothing new, they have in fact, been around since the advent of the smartphone. The thing is, such keyboards never really managed to catch on in terms of popularity with the masses, and I suppose the issue of a lack of tactile feedback is one of them, not to mention virtual keyboard apps and programs have progressed far beyond what they are in the early days, making it a snap to let your thumb fly all over the screen as you churn out word after word with ease. However, with excitement slowly building up because of Star Wars Episode VII, it is time to show the world your allegiance to the space opera with this $330 R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard.

The name of it says it all – it sports R2-D2 instead of a boring old rectangular device that will project an infrared keyboard onto a compatible surface, letting you type away while it connects to a compatible mobile device via Bluetooth. There will still be no tactile feedback whatsoever to help you out as you type, but chances are the sheer cool factor of this device will draw everyone in your office to your desk like a moth to a flame. What makes the R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard stand out from the crowd is the fact that it will also be able to make authentic R2-D2 droid sounds whenever you turn it on or of, typed on, or when you change the volume level.

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