LG G3 gains QuickCircle Case accessory


lg-g3-quickcaseEvery company needs a flagship device in order to duke it out with the best of them, and the folks over at LG are definitely not oblivious to this particular “unspoken requirement”. The thing is, much has been said about the LG G3, where the world looks on in bated breath for a final unveil later next week, although none of the hardware specifications have been confirmed just yet. Still, we do know that the LG G3 is definitely going to up the ante when it comes to the flagship range of smartphones, and what better way to celebrate that possibility than to unleash an accessory to go along with it? The accessory in question would be the LG QuickCircle Case as you can see above.

The LG QuickCircle Case can be said to be an indispensable LG G3 accessory if you want to be more productive while you are on the move, all without having to actually remove the LG G3 from the QuickCircle Case when using it for some of the more crucial and day-to-day tasks. For instance, coming in a folder-style form factor would enable LG G3 owners to check on the current time, to make a phone call, to send text messages, even snap interesting photos, all the while listening to music or perhaps wait for an update on your health directly from the circular window.

Those who are interested in the LG QuickCircle Case will be able to pick it up in five eye-catching colors, namely Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint, Indian Pink. It has been designed for maximum grip despite looking otherwise, and offers adequate protection for the side edges of the LG G3. Unfortunately, there has not been a single hint as to just how much the LG QuickCircle Case will cost when it finally hits the market, so we will just have to play the patience game and sit it out for at least one more week.

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