Scosche announces RHYTHM + armband heart monitor

RhythmSmartThe folks over at Scosche have just announced a brand new armband heart monitor that is aptly known as RHYTHM+. With the Scosche RHYTHM+, this particular device is able to optically measure blood flow as well as one’s movement in order to monitor one’s heart rate as well as track the number of calories burned in a more accurate manner compared to a conventional chest strap. Apart from that, there is also a dual mode wireless configuration that will include both Bluetooth Smart and ANT + capabilities, enabling the Scosche RHYTHM+ to pair up with smartphones, sport watches and exercise equipment (within a 100 ft. range, of course).

WIth the Scosche RHYTHM+, it will be able to integrate with virtually any app that supports Bluetooth Smart heart rate data, where among the include Map my Fitness, Runkeeper and Strava. This enbles customers to add heart rate monitoring to their existing health and fitness tracking plans.

Kas Alves Executive Vice President Scosche Industries, shared, “In order for a customer to adopt a new monitor into their fitness routine it has to deliver in two key areas, compatibility and comfort. RHYTHM+ does both, it works with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ so it’s compatible with all the most popular fitness devices, and the comfortable armband is so lightweight users will forget they are wearing it during workouts.”

Sporting a low-profile monitor that is made from a silicone and polycarbonate hybrid, it can be comfortably fastened to the forearm right below the elbow with a breathable neoprene arm-strap. Apart from that, it will have IP67 waterproof construction that will protect the RHYTHM+ from sweat or rain, enabling the monitor to even be submerged up to 1 meter deep. The rechargeable lithium ion battery will deliver up to 8 hours of workout time. Expect to fork out around $79.99 for the Scosche RHYTHM+.

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