Drink Cooling Pool Lounger lets you laze around in style


drink-cooling-pool-loungerSo, you happen to have done pretty well for yourself over the years, so much so that the nice bungalow that you live in has been renovated recently. Apart from that, all of the rooms have been refurbished with new furniture, and you have also decided to do something with the huge amount of space on the lawn. Digging out some dirt to create a pool sounds like a good idea, and now that the thought is done and dusted with, you would like to add more “toys” to your pool. How about taking it easy with the $149.95 Drink Cooling Pool Lounger?

The Drink Cooling Pool Lounger happens to be an inflatable pool lounger which sports coolers that have been built into each armrest. Each of these coolers are capable of storing up to four 12-oz. cans or a trio of 16-oz. bottles, where these will also come with a zippered top as well as a built-in cup holder that will secure one’s drink. Having said that, drinks are not the only thing that it holds, as it can also handle the likes of your iPhone, sunglasses, or a bottle of tanning lotion. Thanks to the sturdy, heavy-gauge PVC used, it can see action in pools, rivers, lakes, or oceans, with the 18″-high backrest sloping slightly down on either side into the two generously inflated armrests, resulting in a deep seating area with the nylon-covered footrest flipping out to provide comfort for fully extended legs. Not only that, the seat itself boasts of a vent which enables water to permeate the seating area as you relax.

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